Hard disk Backup

NAS1 Backup Appliance


The NAS1 accommodates customers with a higher demand for storage space and resilience. The NAS1 is a true network based solution comprising of one or two pairs of hot swap synchronized drives accommodating up to 8TB of storage. The entry level model starts at a single pair of 1TB drives (source and target), which combines with third drive as secondary offsite target. The solution can be scaled all the way up to a six drive system comprising of six 4TB drives (2 internal source drives, 2 internal target drives, 2 external offsite target drives). 



Backup Transport Case

Backup Transport Case

The philosophy of storing data in three locations is only one part of keeping your digital investment safe. We take the security and protection of your data very seriously during transportation to and from offsite storage. We use rugged disk cases (shown above), with locks controlled by you the customer for added piece of mind.


The Tridata Solution’s NAS1 offers a piece of mind backup solution for the home or small office. Combine this with the offsite backup service provides data security and peace of mind. In our modern lives the volume of media that each household / small office accumulates is now at critical levels. We store large amounts of photos, music, DVD's, as well as media created by office based application products. Our aim is to address the issue of backup in a cost effective practical manner.

We can provide;

  • Cost effective offsite backup storage solutions.
  • Scalable storage from 1 - 8TB
  • Disk Level Encryption for data security. 
  • Data stored in three locations (2 onsite, 1 offsite)
  • Flexible offsite data media rotation service plan
  • Flexible onsite synchronisation schedules.
  • Secure media transportation cases with customer controlled security.
  • System service notification & monitoring.
  • Compatible with Mac / Windows / Linux.
  • Remote system support / maintenance.


Broadband Speed Test

Anyone purchasing a video camera in the last few year has almost certainly gone for HD (High Definition) equipment which produces large media files 10 times larger than its digital video predecessor. The central focus for storing all this data has traditionally been the PC and this has become a target of single point of failure. Sure you can back up your data but where do you store large amounts of data without it becoming a burden on time and practicality?. What about uploading to the cloud or internet storage?, there may be space limitations to these services making it potentially expensive. 

Real LIfe Data Loss These services are fine for small amounts of data but remember your upload speed can be significantly less than your download speed, which means large amounts of data (like the HD video of your wedding), will take a very long time to upload.  Test your broadband speed by clicking the dial icon to find out your lines capabilities (Test Your Broadband Speed Here). Lastly security, do you really know where your data is?, do you trust your internet service host to look after your precious data?, what safe guards do they have in place in case of service failure?. Can you afford to lose all this data ?. Our fundamental approach is simple, store the data in three separate locations (physically and geographically) to ensure continuity should disaster strike (Read Real Life Scenarios Here).